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Ramsbury FC lose 2-1 Away to Down Ampney FC

Ramsbury FC lose 2-1 away to Down Ampney FC in close game!


Team: Freddie, Mike, Chris(C), Lee, Rob, Arran, Pricey, Charlie, Zac, Cam, Ali. Subs: Bart, Kav, Skips, Lee and A N Other

A tough loss today in a poor match by Ramsbury’s standards and the whole team were left pretty deflated. It is easy to criticise from the side line, so I won’t. Instead I will just provide a short report as the whole team know we are a much better side than the performance today and that we will come back stronger.

Ramsbury dominated the game and spent at least 70% of the match in the opposition half. Sean ‘Peaky Blinders’ the Gaffer opted for a 3-5-2 attacking option that relied on the two wing backs being disciplined and reverting to a back 5 when defending. Easy to say but hard to execute if the team does not maintain discipline and shape and even harder when playing in strong winds and on a heavy pitch. As such, it was Down Ampney who, against the run of play, scored with a well taken break away goal to make it 1-0 inside the first 10 minutes.

The goal actually settled Ramsbury who played a high press and quick attacking football with Zac, Charlie and Pricey winning the midfield battle. What was lacking was quality passing or finishing in the final third, better control and composure as Ramsbury could and should have scored at least 2 or 3 goals. The opposition, however, remained dangerous on the break and should have scored as they got behind the back 3 and when one on one with Freddie failed to convert. Credit to Freddie for not coming out and narrowing the angle and making the striker miss a good opportunity to score.

See the source imageThe Ramsbury goal finally came as Arran and Ali combined really well on the right to cross the ball to Cam to calmly head in and make it 1-1. Mikey G was replaced with a pulled hamstring (get well soon Mike) and saw Jonah come on to play out of position as the right of a back 3. The equalizer put the opposition on the back foot and it remained all Ramsbury, but a combination of not hitting the target and some good goal keeping and defending meant it stayed 1-1 at half time.

Ramsbury dominated the first 10 minutes of the second half but could not convert a number of good chances to take the lead with Rob, Charlie, Arran, Zac and Ali all going close and the opposition keeper playing out of his skin and making a string of top class saves!

Instead, Down Ampney scored with an opportune individual goal as the Ramsbury defence did not manage to close down the opposition winger who weaved in behind Jonah to score beyond Freddie to make it 2-1.

Again, it was against the run of play and a tough goal to concede as the defence had not been troubled. With 20 minutes to go Down Ampney parked the bus and as Ramsbury struggled to get past a stubborn midfield and defence they were happy to hoof it out or upfield and continue to frustrate Ramsbury. The tactic worked a bit too well as Ramsbury tried hard to get back on terms but to no avail.

Sean brought on the remaining subs to gain the momentum for the last 15 minutes and even though Ramsbury went so close to equalizing, Down Ampney held on to secure all three points with a scrappy 2-1 win.

See the source imageIt was a gutting loss as the points were there to be had and Ramsbury could just not convert in the final third.

Home game next week against Spectrum who are definitely beatable, but it will need a really good team effort to secure the win. You all know we can do this!

See you all at training




Ramsbury narrowly lose 3-2 to League Leaders Intel FC

Ramsbury FC lose 3-2 in close game away to league leaders Intel FC!

After 3 wins in a row, Sean aka ‘Peaky Blinders’ the Gaffer kept the same team that comfortably won 5-2 against Cricklade last week; other than a rare guest appearance in goal by the lesser spotted Freddie….:rarer than a sighting of a Yangtse River Dolphin!

Team: Freddie, Mike, Chris(C), James, Ads, Charlie, Pricey, Will, Rob, Jonah, Ali. Subs: Skips, Adam, Zac, Bart and Arran.

The first half was a combative affair as Intel’s 4-3-3 shape and physicality countered Ramsbury’s 4-5-1 formation by playing through the middle to their big centre forward and the two pacey lads either side of him. Ramsbury had much more of the ball and Pricey, Will and Charlie dominated the midfield. But Ramsbury failed to capitalise on the extra width they had with Rob on the left and Jonah on the right and also failed to get a quality pass in the final third that resulted in stalemate after 25 minutes.

It took a set piece to break the dead lock as Intel crossed in a very good corner that was initially saved but then unluckily spilled into the path of an Intel player who smashed it into the net to make it 1-0. This was very much against the run of play and to add salt into the wound Will picked up a soft yellow card for a late tackle shortly after that was his first one and not that bad. The Ref made a poor decision and Intel of course milked it!

Ramsbury didn’t panic and upped the tempo playing some great quick passes to break down the Intel midfield and back four and it was a superb cross by one eyed Mike, who was so far forward that his nose bled, that found Charlie in the box to turn in a great poachers goal to make it 1-1. After a lot of moaning by Intel, they are great at moaning, the game got going again and it was all Ramsbury with Will and Pricey bossing the midfield and Charlie able to roam and get the ball out wide to Rob and Jonah or up to Ali as the lone striker. Ramsbury went close with Charlie hitting the crossbar and Ali and Jonah both had chances that were saved.

A blatant shove in the area by an Intel defender gave the Ref no option but to award a pen and Charlie stepped up to slot in and make it 2-1.

It was no more than Ramsbury deserved as they were in control and the half finished 2-1. Another soft yellow given to Jonah towards the end of the half marred a decent 45 mins.

The second half saw Ramsbury dominate play and press Intel with the majority of the play in the opposition half. Intel remained dangerous on the break and at set pieces and it was another corner that was not dealt with that saw Intel score their second to make it 2-2. It was a shame as it was again very much against the run of play and Ramsbury had dominated for about 20 minutes. This lifted Intel and they started to play.

The game got a bit ragged as Ramsbury pressed for a third, but a lack of composure or quality passes in the final third let them down. Intel had changed formation to a 4-5-1 and looked happy to see out a draw with some dogged defending. But some calamity defending and keeping by Ramsbury gifted Intel a third goal out of nothing to make it 3-2. It was hugely frustrating as Ramsbury had dominated up until this point and were much the better team. Ali came off for a well earned rest for Bart and Zac came on for Jonah and both were full of pace and tested the Intel defence and went so close to getting an equalizer.

Will then smashed a great shot against the post and it started to look like it wasn’t going to be Ramsbury’s day!

Sean brought on Adam, Arran and Skips as fresh legs to regain the momentum, but Intel closed up shop and hung on to secure a 3-2 win. They could have made it 4-2 with a good break that needed some last ditch tackles by Mike and James to save the day. Another poor decision to award a free kick on the edge of the area was met with a an expletive to the Ref by James who was then yellow carded and sin binned for the last minute… was not acceptable language and just utter frustration as this was a match that Ramsbury should and could have won!!!!

A disappointing result and more so as the performance deserved more and the score flattered the opposition who were poor but who managed the game better than we did. Man of the Match went to Charlie for his two goals and a box to box performance and shirt of shame went to Freddie who I am sure will wear the famous shirt with a grin and a pint when we see him next and when Lord Attenborough declares that he off the rarely seen species list! Chin up Freddie!!!!

Another tough away match against Down Ampney FC that will need us all to be at our best. See you all at Training on Tuesday.


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Ramsbury FC march on with 5-2 win over Cricklade FC

Ramsbury FC win third game in a row with a convincing 5-2 win over Cricklade FC!

Team: Proccy, Mike, James, Chris (C), Ads, Char, Pricey, Will, Rob, Jonah and Ali. Subs: Arun, Kav and Barty

Ramsbury FC record 17 goals in their last three games and another win sees them joint 3rd in Swindon District League Division 1. It certainly proves that the squad has real depth as Sean ‘the Gaffer’ was able to field yet another strong team even with a number of regulars missing and unlike last season didn’t have to resort to him or lino Jon having to get their boots dirty and spend the next month cashing in their Saga sponsored physio treatment for the elderly coupons!See the source image

The first half was a blur…..mainly for Cricklade….but more so for me as I was absent elsewhere…..and saw Ramsbury smash in 4 unanswered goals in a display of total football that made the Villa v Liverpool game look like a close run thing or as devastating as Germany v Brazil when the latter thought they were at a beach volley game and forgot it was football they were playing……Ramsbury were that good and Cricklade were that bad!!!! Gaffer Sean was doing flip flaps…..ok…..he shuffled excitedly from side to side and the Ramsbury crowd of 6…..COVID restricted….but an increase on last week…..went wild! It was a thing to behold and Ramsbury were on it! Proccy was Bert Trautman reincarnated (look him up boys as he was a legend!) and the defence stalwart with Mikey G, big Chris, James and Ads the beast defending as if their livers depended on it and the midfield 5….like the famous five and a force of nature only there to make sure they feed the beast of a goal scoring machine that is Ali! Truly awesome!See the source image

Don’t ask me who scored or assisted or who did what as I wasn’t there and getting a volunteer to do the write up is harder than Sean trying to lace his boots or Adam not seeing red mist or Ramsbury not getting a yellow card……nice one Roberts as you’ll be billing yourself this week then? But that means very little as man of the moment Ali ‘the man’ Mair scored a sublime hat trick in successive weeks and took his tally to probably more than he scored during the whole of last season and probably the first time any Ramsbury player has done this ever…..a magnificent achievement and deservedly earned him man of the match! It wasn’t all him (obviously) and Jonah and Rob with superb link up play were contributors and so was Neymar as super sub with assists. The midfield trio of Charlie and Pricey and Will were at the heart of everything and great to see Charlie and Pricey having more beers for the pub and not having to cough up to Roberts this week!!!

Shirt of shame however went to Ramsbury’s own version of Gaza…..who like the Northern footballing genius…..was brilliant and shambolic in equal measures! Chazza…..although better looking and less of a drinkers nose…..was both brilliant and chaotic with passing that bordered on artistic or insane or the simple question of… that there boy been at the Thatchers? He was all of that today but earned the Shirt of Shame for a shit pass that led to a Cricklade goal….the gaffers words not mine Chazza…..and I know you will be up for it as always next week….the game that is big boy…..not the shirt of shame!

Not to be outdone and tackling like a clanger on speed…..was James in defence who was guilty of giving away a penalty that Cricklade converted! However, he was wrongly convicted in many eyes as it was a clean tackle and he got the ball…….but you know at this level that means nothing!!!! You are better than that James and don’t be getting that their red mist like ‘the beast’ Ads or ‘the gazelle…masquerading as a rhino’ Roberts as they are proper badduns…..stick to the big shouts and kicks into row Z big boy and at  least Roberts won’t be sending you a bill!!!

And lastly, our boy Jonah….who I am informed is really a right back….which is really good to know….but did an excellent job scoring two superb goals……ok…..he scored two goals……which was superb Jonah……and stopped all the limelight being hogged by Ali! A great brace Jonah and now the expectation bar has been set you need to keep delivering…..of it with be right back for you!!!!

In sum, 5-2 win for the Rams and another superb result that sees us well placed to take on top of the league Intel next week! Training on Tuesday to hone your killer instincts….red meat all week and keep off the beer….at least till Saturday in the Crown and lets get another win!

Well done boys! See you on Tuesday.

Jon the absent [minded] lino

Regent FC are thrashed 2-12 by rampant Ramsbury FC

Ramsbury FC recorded a memorable back to back win this against Regent FC with a 12-2 thrashing. It was a thoroughly one-sided game that was only marred by some questionable refereeing that resulted in a very poor 15-20 minutes of poor discipline and equally poor football! However, Ramsbury were without doubt the stronger of the two sides as Sean in his Steve McQueen Barbour jacket and Peaky Blinders cap (a must for each game Sean!) opted again for a strong 4-5-1 formation with Proccy (GK); Leigh, Will (C), James and Adam in defence; Charlie, Pricey and Skips in the middle; Zac on the right, Rob on the left and Ali upfront with Subs: Max, Kav, Jonah and Arun. A really strong team even with Mikey G and Chris the gazelle absent!

It proved to be a tentative first 15 minutes as Ramsbury dominated play on a slow pitch against a Regent side who were happy to defend in numbers and rely on counter-attacking on the break. The 4-5-1 formation worked really well and the midfield 3 of Charlie, Skips and Pricey combined brilliantly to get the ball wide to Rob and Zac on the flanks and it was a great ball to Rob on the left who skinned the Regent right back and sent in an inch perfect cross to Ali for him to smash the ball into the net and make it 1-0 to Ramsbury. This was followed by a perfect Rob corner that was scored by James with a great header into the top left corner to make it 2-0.

Ramsbury continued to dominate play with Adam at left back and Leigh at right back so quick to win first and second balls and make great passes to put the opposition on the back foot. Zac scored the third goal with more excellent work by Charlie and Pricey in the middle doing the gritty stuff that needs to be done and getting a great pass into Zac who from 15 yards calmly slotted home with a little help from the very uneven pitch. At 3-0 Ramsbury were cruising and Regents FC were in panic mode as their Captain thought he was playing who could kick the midfielder the highest and launched Charlie about 5 feet in the air! He got a yellow for it and the resulting free kick saw Zac’s effort narrowly go over the opposition cross bar and so nearly made it 4-0!See the source image

But then it went a bit Pete Tong as Ramsbury lost the plot and fell into that trap of thinking that what they say or do is more important than the ref! And instead of being disciplined and seizing the initiative and killing the game off early against much weaker opposition, Ramsbury gave foul after foul away and pissed off a ref that was clearly not allowing a physical game and not standing for any back chat or gobbing off. As such, Ramsbury conceded two yellow cards, a goal from one of the numerous free kicks awarded and a penalty and in a maddening 15-20 minute spell that saw the game go from 3-0 to 3-2. It was simply poor discipline, poor play and massively frustrating to watch as Ramsbury were way better than this!!!!!!!!

See the source imageThat said, Charlie, not long after the team had their ‘one flew over the cuckoo’s nest’ mad 15 minute spell, scored an absolute belter of an individual goal from all of 45 yards…..ok more like 25….but it was a good goal and made the score more presentable at 4-2 and put Ramsbury back on the front foot. Game on.

With some sanity restored Ramsbury played some great football with Adam linking up with Rob on the left superbly and the midfield three back to winning first and second balls and pressing the opposition defence and using Zac and Leigh on the right to tee up Ali as the lone striker. And this they duly did for Ali’s second goal as another great ball was dispatched wide and then crossed in and Ali showed great discipline and composure to slot it away to make it 5-2 and provide a decent cushion at half time. Just before half time Pricey, who as usual was in the thick of everything in midfield, was sin-binned for encouragement to the team that the ref took exception too and thought disrespectful…..a bit soft in my opinion, but it had been coming as the ref was not one for chat or a tough tackle!

The second half, even without Pricey for the first 5 minutes in the bin, was all Ramsbury as the team were See the source image much more disciplined and showed real quality. A great ball by Zac after dribbling around 3 defenders was cut across to Leigh who deservedly smashed it in to claim a goal and make it 6-2.

Zac then got his second goal after great footwork by Skips got the ball to Ali to set up Zac to make it 7-2. It was turning into a rout and Sean took off Charlie as a precaution and replaced him with Jonah who with fresh legs kept up the pressure. The pressure continued as Ali was brought down in the area after great work by Jonah and Zac and Ali stepped up to deservedly score his hat trick from the penalty spot to make it 8-2. Kav then replaced Ali and Max came on for Pricey and both terrorised the opposition with pace and power with Max setting up Kav to score and make it 9-2. Shortly after it was Skips and Zac combining in midfield that got the ball to Rob who sent in another great cross for Kav to get his second and make it 10-2 and see the opposition desperate for the ref to end the game! But Ramsbury were relentless and Rob even had the cheek to score direct from a corner to make it 11-2 and see him get his goal after his 3 assists; and Max should have made it 12-2 with one of a number of mazy runs and shots that deserved a goal. But the last action was an unselfish act by Zac who instead of scoring his hat trick when one on one with the keeper, cheekily clipped a pass to Neymar who smashed it in to make it 12-2.  It was a nice touch as just before that Neymar had been so close to scoring but for a top save from the Regents keeper to deny him.

The ref finally blew and the game ended 12-2 and see a second half with 7 unanswered goals and a thoroughly disciplined display. Will as Captain for the day was excellent as ever and solid at the back with James who yet again showed his worth and protect Proccy who was a safe set of hands throughout. It was a great second half and so good that the mad 15 minutes of the first half was forgotten by Sean as he did not award the Shirt of Shame and after deliberation in the Pub awarded Man of the Match to Ali for his hat trick and all round display – well done Ali!

See you all on Tuesday at training as we have a much tougher game next Saturday v Cricklade FC at home.



Ramsbury FC win 1-0 against Chiseldon FC

Ramsbury FC get their first win of the season with a deserved 1-0 win over Chiseldon FC.

Sean opted for a 4-5-1 formation this week after the disappointing 3-2 loss last week and it proved to be a good call against a very quick Chiseldon side. Pricey volunteered to be in goal with no Geoff or Proccy (Geoff, Proccy….he is the only keeper to keep a clean sheet and he is a central midfielder!!!…just saying); and had in front of him a back four of Mikey G, Chris (C), James and Ads; with Leigh, Skips and Zac in central midfield, Max wide right and Rob wide left and Kav as the lone striker. Subs were Ali, Adam M, Lee and Arun. A decent line up against a team that put 6 past us last season.

From the outset Ramsbury were calm, organised and up for it. Pricey, never one to be quiet at the best of times, was reassuringly very vocal and even with the sun in his eyes was like a coiled spring ready to pounce on potential dangers whilst ensuring he kept the defence in check – utterly superb! Pricey and the defence from the kick off were awesome. They worked so well as a unit with Mikey G as right back murdering the opposition left wing and winning all headers, first and second balls and totally dominating on the right; Chris was his usual ‘gazelle-like’ self and was impeccable in timing headers and clearances to perfection and alongside James, who grew in stature as the game went on, formed an awesome centre half pairing that contained the Chiseldon front two who between them scored all six goals against us last season. As the game went on James grew in confidence and as the game progressed he and Chris hardly put a foot or header wrong and gave no quarters. Adam as left back is without doubt a natural modern full back with pace, tenacity and grit and great timing. He was again outstanding at left back and I can’t see to many in he squad able to compete for this spot on the team. In sum, the back four and Pricey won this game through being disciplined, committing to winning the ball and giving the opposition no room to breathe never mind move and dis what they needed to do efficiently and effectively – a brilliant performance! Anyone of them could have had Man of the Match, but it went to Pricey for his inspired performance in goal, commitment to the team and outright noise generation……..absolutely awesome!See the source image

The first half was predominantly Ramsbury pressing well and forcing the opposition back and the midfield three worked really hard in covering the space and in getting the ball out to the wide areas. The opposition were no pushovers and scrapped and hacked and fought as best they could, but they were kept on the back foot by Ramsbury’s ability to win the ball, better distribution to the flanks and keeping their shape. It was great to see and Leigh (Welsh Joe Wicks) put in a huge shift alongside Zac and Skips in the middle and it was his challenge and ball to Zac that saw him slice through the opposition defence to Kav who crossed for Skips to poke in his shot and make it 1-0. It wasn’t the prettiest goal or the cleanest strike by Skips and a bit of a scuff by Kav to him, but they all count and it was only what Ramsbury deserved.

Chiseldon did have the goal in the net shortly after, but it was clearly offside and disallowed. This prompted Ramsbury to up the tempo and start playing some top end football and Rob and Zac both went so close with superb shots and Kav and Leigh followed suit with shots and to be honest how it stayed 1-0 I have no idea! The opposition resorted to Sunday league tactics with sly challenges, constant fouls and questioning every ref call and trying to get under our skin, which was disappointing but at times vindicated as the ref did make some very suspect calls….and should definitely book a trip to Specsavers!!!!!!See the source image

Tempers boiled over as the frustration grew and Kav was lucky to only get a yellow card after lashing out and kicking the opposition centre half lunatic who had already had about 2 or 3 hacks at Kav. Despite the opposition calls for a red card the ref saw sense and Kav stayed on the pitch. Ramsbury remained the better team and the ref soon after called half time with the score finely balanced at 1-0. However, Kav did get the Shirt of Shame, just behind Ali for another open goal miss later on, and Kav now owes Sean and the team a photo as we make do with another fine one of Ali!!!!!

The team stayed the same for the second half and continued to press and contain really well with Chiseldon trying to up the pace and bringing on subs with fresh legs. But Ramsbury stayed focussed and organised and both Rob and Max went close to getting a second as Ramsbury maintained the pressure. The opposition resorted to nonsense and saw some scuffling with the crowd that the ref sorted out and threw themselves about in the Ramsbury penalty area as if they were trying out for strictly; it was pathetic really and the ref had none of it. Sean brought on Ali for Kav and he made an instant impact and his link up play with Zac and Max deserved at least two goals. But the no shows at training have taken their toll as Ali clear on goal blazed over the bar when he would have been a cert to score! That said credit where credit is due, he made a real difference and his ability to hold up play and win the ball was excellent. More training big fella!!!

With time ticking away Sean brought on Lee to replace Leigh as the Welsh Joe Wicks deserved a well earned rest and it was an inspired choice by the Cloughy of the Kennet as Lee sat in the space between the defence and midfield and did the unglamorous stuff really well in winning the ball, protecting the defence and being a nuisance. It was what was needed and along with Adam M coming on for a five minute cameo served to see Ramsbury see out the game and claim an excellent 1-0 win.

See the source imageWhat was inspiring today was that this was a proper team win. A result that was not decided solely by Skips great goal, but by courage, belief, discipline and focus of the whole team and a team that has the ability to do this every week.

See all of you that can make training on Tuesday to prep for next match away against Regents FC; and my final comment goes to Macca, Charlie and the boys who came to support the team and Neymar who as a sub didn’t get on and didn’t complain but came and had a celebratory beer with the team in the Crown. Top job boys.



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