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Ramsbury FC win 7-4 against Stratton Juniors (Adults) FC

Ramsbury FC win again at the Recreation Ground in 11 goal thriller!


Team: Ash (GK) Andy Chris (C) Adam Jonah Rob Aaron Zac Ali Nathan Jas Subs: Dan Joe Harry Mike

The damage was done in a dominant first half display as Ramsbury FC ran in 4 goals to Stratton’s sole response. But it should and could have been more, by both teams, as this end to end game produced numerous chances that were wasted.

Stratton did score first with Ramsbury having a defensive howler that most Man Utd fans have got used to and gifted a soft goal to make it 0-1! However, Ramsbury, with a very attacking 4-3-3 line up responded brilliantly as Zac clipped in a superb free kick to give the keeper little chance and make it 1-1.

Ramsbury were Man City like in their dominance, but with flashes of Swindon Town, as they scored another two goals through Jas and Ali to make it 3-1 and leave Stratton contemplating whether they were going to concede more point than Wales did against Ireland in thee 6 Nations! Ali and Nathan were particularly good at hold off the defenders and holding the ball up and it was good to see Ali finally get another goal…..been a while!

Sean was in dreamland at 3-1 and wondering if he should change his name to Pep Seaniola as his front 3 of Ali, Nathan and Jas continued to terrorise the Stratton defence. But his day dreaming was cut short as Stratton started to get it together and the one less in midfield by Ramsbury was exploited by Stratton as they went for the overload down the right and came very close to scoring twice in a sustained 5 minutes of pressure. I wouldn’t say Jonah was getting in rinsed….but he was definitely having a torrid time trying to manage the overloads!!!!!!

Ramsbury continued with the 4-3-3 formation and it was highly entertaining as the match was end to end and at times completely bypassing the Ramsbury midfield as Stratton elected to go for the long ball over the back four. But Ramsbury held fast and Andy on the right and Jonah on the left had the pace (just) to deal with the Stratton attacks and Chris (again) won most aerial battles with Adam doing a great job as sweeper and clearing his lines….albeit with a few more touches than Sean would like…just saying Adam!. Ash was comfortable in goal and kicking out from hand was much better with little wind and it was good to see him confident.

Ramsbury continued to attack, attack, attack and another great shot by Jas saw the keeper save go to Zac to get a simple tap into make it 4-1 just before half time. Ramsbury went off at half time coasting and Stratton scratching their heads.

The second half….saw Ramsbury keep the 4-3-3 formation and no changes, but Stratton changed their keeper and moved to a 4-5-1 from a 4-4-2. The effect was to put more pressure on the Ramsbury midfield and try and overmatch them. It worked well for about 15-20 minutes as Stratton looked a different side and Ramsbury were on the back foot as Aaron and Zac were working overtime and Rob had to sit deep in the CDM role with little opportunity to go forward. However, Another fine goal by Jas made it 5-1 against the run of play and Aaron scored a sublime overhead kick from an equally sublime pass from Nathan to make it 6-1 and see Stratton have a sizeable challenge to get back on terms.

But as we all know football is a funny old game and even with Andy off for Mike and Joe on for Jonah to give the defence fresh legs, Stratton hit a 35 yard screamer into the top left corner from nothing to make it 6-2 and then followed that with two more goals to make it 6-4 as Ramsbury had a calamitous 15 minute spell that can only be likened to the worst scenes of Hangover 3’s Mr Chow takes over Sean’s body and is making him tell the whole team to do the opposite of what they should be doing; combined with a weekend way at Fawlty Towers where Basil and Manuel are giving the team brief whilst gargling neat gin! It was that bad….and even with Sean putting on Skips for Rob to help Zac and Aaron, which lasted 5 minutes as Skips pulled his hammy, and who had to be replaced with Harry (CDM is not Harry’s preferred position) and Dan on for Nathan….things didn’t get better!!!

It was a proper nosebleed of a session with shades of Stratton could actually get something from this game before Dan had a rampage up front that saw Jas go close and then some last ditch defending by Chris and Adam ensured Stratton didn’t grab another goal….it was not for the feint hearted and Sean was swearing like Jurgen Klopp losing a scouse derby….and it was not in German!

But….and it was a great but….some great tackling by Joe down the left hand side saw the ball get hoisted up to Jas and very unlike his usual No9 tendency, where Jas has Jas vision and only sees the goal, he took the ball to the bye line and chipped in a top class ball to the back post where Zac was on hand to slide in and smash the ball into the roof of the net to make it 7-4 and grab his hattrick. Stratton were broken and Ramsbury were jubilant as the score remained 7-4 and honours even in the second half still saw Ramsbury run out deserved winners and claim all 3 points.

A great result with no shirt of shame this week and man of the match went to Zac for his hat trick!

Lower Stratton away next Saturday and another strong squad needed to ensure the momentum is maintained!

Club Sec and absent minded story teller!


Ramsbury win 4-0 away against Purton FC Development

Ramsbury FC took a strong side to the Redhouse and produced a very convincing 4-0 win that takes the Blues and Whites up to 6th in the league.

Team: Ash T (GK) Andy Jonah Chris (C) Adam Aaron Skips Zac Jas Ali Rob Subs: Nathan Mikey G Jake Ash B

Ramsbury FC won away convincingly against an ill disciplined Purton Development side in a one sided match marred by an opposition straight red card and a number of yellow cards for poor behaviour.

This was a shame as it affected the game and saw Ramsbury not play their usual passing game and at times the game looked like a Christmas panto you wouldn’t take the kids to! The referee had a torrid time and I wont dwell on this as I am sure there will be a match report stating all the issues with the game. All I can say it was not one for the feint-hearted!

The positives were few, but Ramsbury got off to a flier as they pressed Purton early on and got a corner and Rob’s trusty left peg produced a fabulous in swinger that glanced off the head of a Purton defender to make it 1-0. As all good No9s do….Jas ran off celebrating as if he had headed it in….but it was a goal that Seano gave to Rob as the corner was worthy of the goal!

The Defence of Andy, Chris, Adam and Jonah worked really well on a poor pitch that was slow due to mud and sand and there was wind to contend with too…..not from the opposition coach….but more climate related as the wind was against Ramsbury for the whole of the first half. But Chris handled everything in the air and Adam acted like a sweeper and got the ball wide to Andy or Jonah and prevented much f a threat from Purton. Ash was equally solid in goal and took routine saves comfortably….but struggled to kick out effectively from his hands….due to the wind eh Ash!!!?

The second goal game from another set piece with a Rob corner being spilled and Jonah pounced on it like the coiled spring he is to stab the ball into the net and make it 2-0. Purton were visibly agitated and I will leave it at that as things got worse as the match went on and the crowd on the terrace were vocal and not helping!

The midfield of Skips, Zac, Aaron controlled things well with Zac sort of playing No10 and No8 and skips sitting very comfortably in the CDM role with Aaron somewhere in between and disrupting the Purton midfield at will. It worked well and allowed a front three of Jas as centre forward and Ali just behind him and Rob out wide to exploit the Purton defence. Ali and Jas were a real handful all game with Ali the target of some really poor tackles and non sense by the Purton defenders that bizarrely saw him get a yellow late on in the game as the opposition centre half got a straight red. The formation Seano set up worked really well and Purton had no response other than some wild shots from distance that Ash coped with easily.

Rob made it 3-0 with a cross that was missed by the Purton defence and he simply tapped in to make it 3-0 before half time. Ramsbury were in total control.

The second half saw Purton make a few changes and go 4-4-2 and bring on a few players. Seano stuck with the winning combination.

The match was ok for about 10-15 minutes with both sides lacking composure and both having chances. But then the lack of discipline kicked in and the game was halted as the ref talked to both teams as things got out of hand. With Purton down to 10 men Ramsbury played a more passing game and had a Jas goal disallowed and Aaron hit the post when it looked certain to go in and Zac went close with a good free kick. It remained 3-0 but with some late and high tackles the yellows came out and Ramsbury made a couple of changes. Ali was subbed and Nathan came on and Andy was replaced by Mikey G at right back.

The opposition ill discipline didn’t abate with a really late and dangerous tackle on Mikey G, but Ramsbury kept their cool and a great ball by Zac to Rob saw Rob push the ball around the Purton defence to Jas who rinsed the right back and his shot/cross was converted by Nathan at the back post to make it 4-0.

The game ended shortly after that and Seano wisely didn’t put young Jake on or Ash as it was a match for few changes and both probably would have not benefitted from the last 5-10 minutes of this game.

A really good team win for Ramsbury and if we play like this and put out a strong squad each week, and keep our discipline, we can give any team a tough game.

Shirt of Shame should have gone to the opposition in my view and man of the match would have been shared by the defence and Ash for another clean sheet!

Club Sec

Ramsbury FC win 1-0 away against Poulton FC with Rob Pocock goal!

Ramsbury FC earn a hard fought 1-0 win over Poulton FC  in Swindon to move up to 6th in the table courtesy of a Rob Pocock free kick.

Sean was happy enough with the win and also with the new joiners to the team. He said it was a scrappy game, but a win is a win and great to see Rob back in the team and scoring.

Team: Ash T (GK) Andy D Jonah Chris (C) Adam Brizz Skips Aaron Jas Nathan Rob Subs: Ali Dan Harry Jake

Poulton FC are always a tough away match and this proved to be the case as Ramsbury FC laboured a bit but ground out a result in what was a scrappy match.

I can only comment on what Sean let me know and that was Ramsbury should have scored more with Ali nearly scoring again and Jas and Harry missing opportunities….Andy G as man of the match in defence….Harry should have had SOS with a shocker of a pass to the opposition winger who nearly scored….and all subs less Dan the Man got a run out! Big mention to Dan as always there for the team and never whinges and just wants the team to win….top bloke!!!

Finally, Brizz should have had a stone wall pen but the ref deemed the foul to be outside the area and Rob converted the free kick to score the only game of the match.

Ramsbury were a much changed team with a few players missing and a number of  new joiners who all got game time and did really well. Great to see Ramsbury FC having a decent squad to fight for the starting 11 and give Sean a headache each week!

A great result by Ramsbury FC who have a tough away match v DM FC next Saturday. A strong side will be needed for a win, but DM FC are beatable as we put 6 past them at home in an end to end game!!! Here’s to a Ramsbury win!.


Ramsbury FC win 2-0 against Lower Stratton First FC in the Cup!

Ramsbury FC win 2-0 in scrappy game against Lower Stratton First FC to reach the Semi-Final of the Cup!

Team: Ash T (GK) Jonah Adam Chris (C) James Brizz Skips Joe Zac Ali Jas Subs: Dan, Sean, Harry Ash B

Goal scorers: Jas (Zac assist) and Zac (Adam assist)

Football is the beautiful game until it is isn’t! And quoting the the legend that is Brian Clough…..’we had a good team on paper….unfortunately, the game was played on grass’!!!! 

So, let me tell you the good bits about the Cup match today…Ramsbury FC won ….ok…so a bit harsh as Jas scored (but should have had at least 5)….Zac scored (should have had at least 3)….Ali nearly scored (and nearly scored quite a few times)….Ash T kept a clean sheet and made a genuine high quality save to keep that clean sheet….Seano didn’t get his boots on and increase the average age of the team by 40 years….instead he let Brizz, Dan and Ash B do that…..James Underwood lasted a whole game (More than Zac did)……Chris didn’t get a yellow card or fine….and no one had a heart attack to we didn’t have to run and get the Defib…then try and work out what to do with it (course being booked shortly)….so….actually…..there were much more positives than I am letting on…and remember….Ramsbury FC won a Quarter Final Cup match and are in the Semis…a proper result!

But….there is always room for improvement!!!

Ash T needs to grow a bit….might be a bit late as I am sure he is over 18…but I do worry about those high shots and set piece free kicks…..his head and the top corner just look so far apart….just saying….

Chris did really well….no yellow card…which meant Laurie got to feed the girls….and Chris had two beers…..

James lasted a whole 90 munites…..cancel that BUPA James…..

Jonah…..fair play…another strong game at right back and could and should have had an assist and maybe a goal…..but great running and never stopped….

Adam….great to see you past the half way line….and not get a nose bleed….great assist….ok ….an assist….but another solid game and no road rage!!!

Joe….great that school let you come out to play….and didn’t let the big boys bully him…..great speed and need to learn to run at defenders as you would terrify most of them…..

Brizz….for about 5 minutes was wearing two left boots and made a clearance out of midfield that nearly took the corner flag out….but what a force in midfield and rarely missed a header….and stuck to that tough CDM role like the pro he is…..but those 90 plus minute games are tough buddy…..

Skips… smooth as his brand new electric tesla….and equally as quiet….but had a good game alongside the very vocal Brizz…..a good combination…..

Zac….great goal….and an assist….not bad….but where has the fitness gone and how did you not get another couple of goals….but playing no10 at last!!!

Ali…..with practice could be a good player….could and should have scored….but you cannot fault his effort…..and the wanting to score….and the wanting to score….and the…you get it….come on big boy…need more goals…..

Jas….shirt of shame recipient…even though he scored….but it was the misses Jas….oh so many misses… was like watching Ray Charles bobbing for apples …when some twat dad nicked the apples and not told him….could and should have had 5 or 6 goals….and in previous weeks you did just that….but not today big boy!

Harry…..I promise not to mention that howler of a miss Harry….Ray Chares would have scored….Stevie Wonder would have buried it….but I won’t mention the miss…promise Harry!

Dan….quality….always patient….always supportive….always sticks in a full on tackle within a minute of getting on the pitch and usually just before the ref blows for full time….but always quality….

Ash B….a brilliant cameo and should have had an assist when Harry should have scored…but I won’t mention that awful miss Harry…promise…and like Dan is always quality….love it….

And I will finish with the gaffer….he may not be the best manager….but he is in the top one in Ramsbury….[nicked from Cloughie]…but he wont mind….2 wins on the bounce….lets make it a third Seano….away to Poulton….need a strong squad!!!!

Literary Caution: This match report is a work of pure fiction with no references to players or managers either living or dead and is not meant to insult, defame or harm reputations….as the game today did that all on its own….but as they say in this beautiful, crazy and strangest of games….a win is a win!!!






get to the other bits:


nd today beauty was was not on show as

Ramsbury FC record biggest win of the season with 12-1 win against FC Abbey Meads

Team: Oscar (GK) Mikey G Joe Chris (C) James Briz Rob Ali Jas Nathan Max Subs: Zac Dan Ash

Ramsbury FC got 2024 off to a cracking start with a resounding 12-1 home win over FC Abbey Meads Adults. It was a completely one sided game as Ramsbury ran riot. However, hats off to FC Abbey Meads who didn’t give up or resort to unnecessary tactics but who kept pushing forward and did their best against and in-form Ramsbury side.

Ramsbury FC, who have played less games than Stevie Wonder has won eye spy competitions enjoyed a carnival like atmosphere as the decent crowd watching were treated to a real goal fest.

It was all Ramsbury from the outset and it took about as long as Ali spends at training, i.e. no time at all, before Ramsbury had the ball in the net and were eager to add to the 1-0 win. Jas was on fine form and as hungry as a weight watchers at a free buffet as he netted a 5 goal haul and Seano had to sub him off as he was just too much for the Abbey Meads defence to handle.

And Nathan grabbed 2 goals as he looked like the proverbial school bully rinsing the school nerds for their dinner money as it was a genuine scenario of David versus Goliath with Goliath taking no nonsense from some small bloke with a slingshot and dishing out some rough justice. Alongside Nathan was Rob who was having a ball with his left foot (right one is usually redundant) and who grabbed a quality hat trick and who could and should have scored more…..but it was a hat trick nonetheless.

Ali Mair chipped in with a goal that for Ramsbury FC is about as rare as a pink unicorn from Narnia getting a round in in the Legion….in fact…..this season Roberts has more goals than him and usually is Chris goes past the half way line he has a nose bleed and needs a week off work! Chris did indeed get a goal and as always it was a world class effort that the likes of Maldini, Ramos and Vidic could only dream of….well….thats what he tells his girls at bed time stories….goal is a goal eh Chris!!!

The midfield was imperious today and largely because skips was missing….harsh….and only joking Skips… Briz who started with Dumbledore at Hogwarts under 10s and who was looking every bit of his 147 years….controlled the play and tried to get a grip of Joe ….you need to pass earlier….greenway and Max….you need to pass earlier or shoot earlier….Derrick on the flanks whilst making sure he was well out of the way of …….James…..lets clear it to row Z Underwood or being steamrolled by Chris…..I am not quick and will clear you out if in the way Roberts….its a dangerous business that CDM role…..especially when you have a bus pass and pension looming!!

It was however great to see Dan the Man Francis on the pitch with his prison break haircut….sorry…I meant prison yard haircut… he now looks like he has 20 to life at Wormwood Scrubs for crimes unimaginable…..or is a misjudged looky-likey for myopic Jason Statham fans…..or an extra from Snatch…..or…..the list is endless….great look Dan….but it did scare the kids!

Great to Ash out of goal….well….thats what Seano said Ash….not sure how to take that really….as I think you are ok in goal….but hey ho….you got some playing time and at least you didnt get the shirt of shame or kick the goal post or do anything stupid….and your nose didnt bleed when you went past the halfway line….let Roberts know how you managed that mate!?

Finally, most frustrated players of the day had to be Oscar….I didn’t manage to keep a clean sheet or….Zac I only got 15 minutes playing time and didn’t get a goal when everyone else did…..even the pink unicorn Ali Mair…..WTF!!!! But Zac didnt have get his rage on and kick the post and get the shirt of shame…so Oscar…you get the vote and rightly so as you are a prefectionist and that goal was just not right!!!!

Overall, I saw about 5 minutes of the game and it was all over the place with the game already lost and Ramsbury just having fun and so this report is just light hearted non sense and a work of pure fictions…..however….Ramsbury FC did score 12 and Oscar let in 1 and that is a fact!!!

Great result, great squad, great bunch of blokes and a great 3 points!

Well done lads and lets start getting some commitment to get results in next away matches.


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