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I hope you all had a great holiday. This is the first Ramsbury Football Club Newsletter.

Ramsbury FC Newsletter 2019

Please feel free to distribute to parents and guardians. Any suggestions for the second edition would be most welcome and can be sent via the Ramsbury web site.


Jon Symon Ramsbury FC Chair

Waitrose Community Matters Cheque for Ramsbury FC

Ramsbury FC U15s Coach Andy Knowles accompanied by two of the U15 squad collected a cheque from Waitrose Marlborough Community Matters.

This is a great community project and the money form Waitrose Marlborough will be used to buy sports rollers as part of the Club’s Sports Therapy drive in partnership with Frankie Naylor Sports Therapy to improve fitness and injury prevention in youth teams and young players.


Jon Symon

Ramsbury Football Club Chair and U15s Coach

Frankie Naylor Sports Therapist Trains Ramsbury FC U15s

Today Frankie Naylor of Frankie Naylor Sports Therapy took the Ramsbury U15s Squad for a session on warming up and warming down pre and post training. It was hugely useful and informative and the U15 squad and coaches learned loads….and the players were clearly more flexible than the coaches!

Frankie’s son plays in the U6 squad and as such she is free between 0930-1030 for short sessions to ensure coaches and players alike understand and apply the right type of warm ups and warm downs, how to stretch properly and also the benefits of using rollers.

A huge thank you to Frankie and if any other team needs her help then please contact me.


U15s Coach and Club Chair




Sports Therapist @ Ramsbury Football Club

Ramsbury Football Club is delighted to announce that Frankie Naylor has volunteered to help coaches and players between 0915 – 1045 on Saturday mornings when she is at the Recreation Ground. She will be up watching her son playing with the U6s on the top pitch should you need her and is very willing to give advice and assistance as needed.

Frankie is an established Sports Therapist and has kindly volunteered her time on Saturday mornings only. For appointments outside of Saturday mornings you can contact her on:


We are really grateful to Frankie for volunteering her time and expertise and she is a brilliant addition to Ramsbury Football Club.



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