Ramsbury FC took a strong side to the Redhouse and produced a very convincing 4-0 win that takes the Blues and Whites up to 6th in the league.

Team: Ash T (GK) Andy Jonah Chris (C) Adam Aaron Skips Zac Jas Ali Rob Subs: Nathan Mikey G Jake Ash B

Ramsbury FC won away convincingly against an ill disciplined Purton Development side in a one sided match marred by an opposition straight red card and a number of yellow cards for poor behaviour.

This was a shame as it affected the game and saw Ramsbury not play their usual passing game and at times the game looked like a Christmas panto you wouldn’t take the kids to! The referee had a torrid time and I wont dwell on this as I am sure there will be a match report stating all the issues with the game. All I can say it was not one for the feint-hearted!

The positives were few, but Ramsbury got off to a flier as they pressed Purton early on and got a corner and Rob’s trusty left peg produced a fabulous in swinger that glanced off the head of a Purton defender to make it 1-0. As all good No9s do….Jas ran off celebrating as if he had headed it in….but it was a goal that Seano gave to Rob as the corner was worthy of the goal!

The Defence of Andy, Chris, Adam and Jonah worked really well on a poor pitch that was slow due to mud and sand and there was wind to contend with too…..not from the opposition coach….but more climate related as the wind was against Ramsbury for the whole of the first half. But Chris handled everything in the air and Adam acted like a sweeper and got the ball wide to Andy or Jonah and prevented much f a threat from Purton. Ash was equally solid in goal and took routine saves comfortably….but struggled to kick out effectively from his hands….due to the wind eh Ash!!!?

The second goal game from another set piece with a Rob corner being spilled and Jonah pounced on it like the coiled spring he is to stab the ball into the net and make it 2-0. Purton were visibly agitated and I will leave it at that as things got worse as the match went on and the crowd on the terrace were vocal and not helping!

The midfield of Skips, Zac, Aaron controlled things well with Zac sort of playing No10 and No8 and skips sitting very comfortably in the CDM role with Aaron somewhere in between and disrupting the Purton midfield at will. It worked well and allowed a front three of Jas as centre forward and Ali just behind him and Rob out wide to exploit the Purton defence. Ali and Jas were a real handful all game with Ali the target of some really poor tackles and non sense by the Purton defenders that bizarrely saw him get a yellow late on in the game as the opposition centre half got a straight red. The formation Seano set up worked really well and Purton had no response other than some wild shots from distance that Ash coped with easily.

Rob made it 3-0 with a cross that was missed by the Purton defence and he simply tapped in to make it 3-0 before half time. Ramsbury were in total control.

The second half saw Purton make a few changes and go 4-4-2 and bring on a few players. Seano stuck with the winning combination.

The match was ok for about 10-15 minutes with both sides lacking composure and both having chances. But then the lack of discipline kicked in and the game was halted as the ref talked to both teams as things got out of hand. With Purton down to 10 men Ramsbury played a more passing game and had a Jas goal disallowed and Aaron hit the post when it looked certain to go in and Zac went close with a good free kick. It remained 3-0 but with some late and high tackles the yellows came out and Ramsbury made a couple of changes. Ali was subbed and Nathan came on and Andy was replaced by Mikey G at right back.

The opposition ill discipline didn’t abate with a really late and dangerous tackle on Mikey G, but Ramsbury kept their cool and a great ball by Zac to Rob saw Rob push the ball around the Purton defence to Jas who rinsed the right back and his shot/cross was converted by Nathan at the back post to make it 4-0.

The game ended shortly after that and Seano wisely didn’t put young Jake on or Ash as it was a match for few changes and both probably would have not benefitted from the last 5-10 minutes of this game.

A really good team win for Ramsbury and if we play like this and put out a strong squad each week, and keep our discipline, we can give any team a tough game.

Shirt of Shame should have gone to the opposition in my view and man of the match would have been shared by the defence and Ash for another clean sheet!

Club Sec